Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports is the Ultimate in Fashion and Gifts in German Tradition

Welcome to Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, your ultimate destination for getting fashion and gifts in true German tradition.

For multiple purposes people need items to the true tradition of German culture and heritage for facilitating their participation in gala events like the Oktoberfest among others. Items for fashion and gifts upholding the culture, heritage, and traditions of the German and Bavarian countries will only be available in a high quality authentic store. The items for fashion and gifts should not only be authentic but also qualitative and durable. The million dollar question is where can you get such items?

The answer is simple. Approach the best store providing genuine and authentic items for fashion and gifts in true German traditions at Ernst Licht.

You not only get high quality traditional German clothing and accessories in our store but also top class jewelries and various other Bavarian fashion and gifts materials at the most affordable prices.

Our specialties

It is over five long decades that we have occupied the top position in respect of German imports including items for fashion and gifts. Due to authenticity of the products, innovative and attractive designs and durability we have become the most trusted name in the market. Without compromising with the German culture, tradition, and heritage we provide customized items for fashion and gifts. Our specialty is that we always give you the best at the cheapest. We never compromise quality for affordability and at the same time we also do not forget to stay client-friendly in respect of prices charged for products including items for fashion and gifts.

Your satisfaction is our motto

Ernst Licht has the pronounced mission of giving its valued customers the best satisfaction and to offer you the best returns on your investments whether it is clothing or fashion and gifts. Also our highly competent team of expert professional customer care services would be present at your side at real times with all support and guidance making your experience of obtaining the best items for German fashion and gifts.

A peep into our history

Ernst Licht; a German immigrant who intended to give his fellow Americans a taste of German tradition and culture established this company that is today the leading provider of authentic and high quality traditional German fashion and gifts. Founder of the store also understood the importance of conforming to the fashion trends and therefore the fashion and gifts provided by Ernst Licht always comes with deft touches making them trendy and highly fashionable.

Main Store providing traditional and trendy German fashion and gifts is located in Oley, PA, in USA. The store is in its second generation and is run by Daniel Licht; the worthy son of the eminent father with expanded array of items for German fashion and gifts.

Today; Ernst Licht is the complete store for all traditional German items including those for fashion and gifts.