Get Stylish Lederhosen Platterhosen for Men at Ernst Licht

Welcome to Ernst Licht; the provider of widest array of lederhosen and bundhosen including stylish lederhosen plattlerhosen for men as well as short plattler lederhosen.

Endless variations in choice of traditional and short plattler lederhosen

The variations are virtually endless and you get the best options to choose your preferred traditional German costumes. It is the same experience you get here when you choose to buy lederhosen plattlerhosen for men. We have everything you are looking for including the short plattler lederhosen as it is preferred by many buyers.

Costumes representing different regions in Bavaria

What makes the lederhosen plattlerhosen for men purchased from Ernst Licht is that you will come across German costumes representing different regions of Bavaria. Some of the costumes like the long and short plattler lederhosen represent the upper regions of Bavaria like the Tegernseer Tal, Lenggries, Toelz and the Jachenau.

Features of typical lederhosen plattlerhosen for men

The lederhosen plattlerhosen for men for men typically have the Joppe or jacket with color variations according to the regions. Usual wear is grey or silver color with stand-up collar and green colored vest inside called the Kettlgilet. The trendy lederhosen plattlerhosen is also known as Miesbacher tracht. Our lederhosen plattlerhosen for men contains all the traditional components that are trendy due to innovative touches.

Interested in Buying short Plattler Lederhosen? No problem as we have the best of these Products

If you are interested in buying short plattler lederhosen we can provide the best products according to your preferences and budget. Basically the short plattler lederhosen black colored with colorful embroideries in green, silver, and golden colors. We provide these short plattlers made of cow sued leather and they are the most comfortable for wearing.

Our lederhosen plattlerhosen for men are more comfortable

One of the reasons that our lederhosen plattlerhosen for men are more comfortable is that these plattlerhosens do not have horn buttons on the side of the legs. Instead; they use ribbons with same colors and embroidery works. In the past; and especially during the cold winter the users had to wear knee long woolen socks to counter the cold with the short plattler lederhosesn or they could use the plattler bundhosen that was longer variation of short lederhosen.

We add innovative touches in the lederhosen plattlerhosen for men

The lederhosen plattlerhosen for men as well as the short plattler lederhosen we provide come with innovative touches like the suspenders and the H-formed breastplate depicting embroidery works. For safety, the suspenders are crossed in the back.

To make your experience of using our lederhosen plattlerhosen for men and the short plattler lederhosen perfect, we combine quality, durability, style, and affordability; all in one. Try them today and check for yourself.