Best Traditional German Products and Top Class Services at Ernst Licht

Welcome to Ernst Licht; your one point solution to get the best traditional German products with the addition of top quality services.

Ernst Licht is the authentic store where you can get authentic products conforming to true German tradition and culture. We are the best provider in the market of authentic traditional German clothing, accessories, jewelries, and other gift items representing classic Bavaria culture. Thus when it comes to products and services representing true German tradition and culture we are the ideal place to approach. In essence; we serve all your needs relating to German products and services.

Our Products and Services cater to your needs

We at Ernst Licht offer multiple products and services representing true German tradition and culture. While our products represent the genuine Bavarian clothing, gift items, and accessories; our services ensure that the products are customized befitting your requirements and budget. Combination of our products and services stands out as all comprehensive solution for all your needs relating to re-living traditional German culture and tradition.

Our Products

Among our products and services the followings are incorporated as products conforming to true German traditions –

  • Authentic lederhosen for men;
  • Authentic plattlerhosen for men;
  • Authentic bundhosen for men;
  • Genuine dirndl dresses for women;
  • Accessories to complement German clothing;
  • Jewelries and other gift items;
  • Traditional German clothing for boys, girls, and kids.

Specialties of our products and services

As our valued customer you may have a few questions to ask about our products and services. All our products are authentic and genuine specimens representing true German tradition and culture. At the same time our products are also extremely fashionable and trendy. Materials used to manufacture them are the best in the industry. For instance; the lederhosen for men are made of quality leather and the dirndl dress for women come with designer and exotic embroidery works. The items are designed the best way and we also ensure timely delivery for online buyers and thus our products and services are a combination to deliver the best.

Our Services

Like the quality of our products our high quality result oriented services render or products and services the best combination in the industry. Our services include the followings.

  • Designing the products representing the true German traditions and presenting various types of German culture;
  • Customizing the products befitting the requirements and budget of the customer;
  • Adding deft touches making the products a combination of classic tradition and contemporary style statement;
  • Making the combination of our products and services most client-friendly.

Relive the true German tradition and culture this Oktoberfest using our products and services since they are the best in the industry and come at most affordable prices.